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In a move that was made with a definite eye toward the future, Tesla is taking a major step forward. The trademark that they have recently filed for will include “Restaurant services, pop-up restaurant services, self-service restaurant services, take-out restaurant services.”

This is definitely an exciting development, as the patent has been filed officially. Now, we sit back and wait to see what happens next.

Photo: flickr/Automobile Italia

The USTPO application has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, if you had any doubt. “Tesla” is covered in the application, as well as the signature T logo and a stylized version of the Tesla name.

The application should be examined soon. We cannot believe that this dream is slated to become a reality but that’s how it goes when Elon Musk is involved.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This is one man that knows how to think outside of the box. Seasoned observers probably remember the conversations that took place back in 2017 about these plans. Musk has been looking to carry out these plans since their public disclosure. He’s looking to turn Tesla EV charging stations into full-service locations that provide seating and meals for visitors.

This is not the beginning of the process, either. Tesla has been testing out various locations, including their Kettleman City, California Supercharger station. “Gonna put an old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in LA,” tweeted Musk back in 2018. This is one man who does not stop until he achieves all of his goals.

Many people scoffed at this idea when he first offered it up, but who is laughing now?

We cannot wait until the day comes where we can hang out and grab a bite to eat while our car charges up.

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