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Hair dye mishaps are an all too common problem. It does not matter how experienced you may be, sometimes the dye just has a mind of its own.

Kinsey Dixon knows just how true this is and she shared her biggest hair dye mishap on TikTok.

In the video, you can see her blue feet peeking out from her pants. Then, she pans up to her reflection in the mirror…And she’s totally blue.

Photo: TikTok/kinsey_dixon
Photo: TikTok/kinsey_dixon

While we have had a few mishaps of our own, nothing compares to this.

Her caption reads “I’m blue Dabi dee dabi da,” in a nod to the smash hit by Eiffel 65. “Do you think my grandma will notice I dyed my hair?” Kinsey jokes at the onset of the clip.

Photo: TikTok/kinsey_dixon

I think it’s safe to assume her grandma is going to notice.

Watch the video in the clip below:


I’m blue Dabi dee dabi daa #blue #fail

♬ original sound – Kinsey_Kucholick

Have you ever had a hair dye mishap? Was it this bad? Let us know!

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