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According to some comments online, TikTok user Sydney Redner could be considered someone who “won at life.” The reason? She currently resides in the childhood home of non-other than Taylor Swift.

Sydney revealed the little tidbit of information after another TikTok user, Yazmine, posted:

“If you’re from Berks County, name your weird connection to Taylor Swift. I’ll start: My mom’s old boss turned her away from singing at a bar.”

Getting in on the fun of sharing strange connections in Swift’s hometown, Sydney wowed a lot of people after sharing her TikTok. In the video, she’s walking through the home and goes out the front door. Then, she turns around to show she’s actually living inside Swift’s childhood house!

Photo: TikTok / sidthefreakinbid

Swifties everywhere were jealous.

Speaking to House Beautiful, Sydney shared that she and her family moved into 78 Grandview Boulevard back in 2013.


#stitch with @arianayazmine sorry I had to 😅 #evermore #evermorealbum #duet #FestiveFashion

♬ original sound – Syd the bid

Sydney also added that even though Swift moved out years ago, the family still get Swifties who stop by, wanting to take pictures.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As she explained, “I feel like there tends to be more around the holidays, when people are traveling from other states and want to see it. If Taylor Swift has a concert in Philadelphia or somewhere close, there are more fans around that time. Our family is fine with fans taking pictures as long as they are quick and respectful.”

Photo: GoogleMaps

Since moving in, Sydney’s family have done some remodeling of their own, putting their own touches on the home that’s been immortalized by the Grammy-winning singer. However, there is something that may be a forever mark left behind by Swift.

As Sydney revealed, “In the cement outside, there is an imprint that says ‘TAS’.” While it’s never been confirmed by Swift, people can only assume it was her.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Additionally, if rumors are to be believed, the 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house in Reading, PA, was the place where lots of her early music, like “Love Story” and “Teardrops on My Guitar” were written.

If it’s true, that house must have some pretty good inspiration contained within its walls.

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