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The return of kids to school this year is definitely going to be a nerve-wracking moment for many parents across the country. There are no rules as to how to properly integrate students back into the classroom since this is a first for everyone. It’s not every year we face a global pandemic. While some children will probably get to do socially distant learning via Zoom classes, many students will be returning to schools. However, they will be returning to classrooms that require them to stay 6 feet away from their friends, as well as have to wear facemasks or plastic shields.

Of course, there are probably plenty of worried parents who are doing their best to prepare their kids for the big return to school by buying them additional back-to-school supplies such as face coverings, hand sanitizer, surface wipes, etc. But it’s not just parents who are concerned, it’s also teachers. There are many teachers out there who are experiencing a whole new routine as they prepare their classrooms for their students to come back to school.

Teachers are now having to make sure that their classroom set up complies with safety guidelines. This includes setting desks a certain width apart, as well as installing plastic shields to the front of the desks. While this new set up will probably look alien to many students returning to school in-person, there was one kindergarten teacher in Texas who unleashed her creativity.

Instead of going with a standard set up, Jennifer Birch Pierson added some of her own decorating skills to create a little truck for each desk! The plastic shields now look like windshields thanks to her crafting skills. It won’t be an easy return to school this year, but hopefully Pierson’s efforts will help bring a little sense of normalcy to the classroom for her students.

No playing. Masks all day. Six feet apart at all times.School seems like a frightening place, when you read about all…

Posted by Maybe I'll Shower Today on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The creative little truck desks were photographed and posted online to Facebook on a blog called Maybe I’ll Shower Today. The picture proved to be an instant hit and it quickly went viral as people shared it around. The photo also gained a lot of comments from people who thought the idea was just brilliant. One person wrote that her students will probably be excited to see the desks. While another person commended the teacher for doing her best to try to give her students “an inviting place” despite what is currently happening at the moment. A third comment stated, “Ive always marveled at the way teachers decorate their classrooms. I bet the kids will just be happy to be there with friends.”

While the classroom looks amazing, not all students will be able to enjoy a classroom like this. It was pointed out that the teacher most likely paid for and executed all the decorations herself, as one person wrote, “Very cute, applaud this teacher for her creativity and heart..however, this unfortunately isnt what most childrens classrooms will look like..she’s literally like 1 in a million.”

But hopefully students everywhere will have teachers who try to bring a little bit of cheer to their classrooms despite the depressing pandemic that is looming over all of us.