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Broth bombs and cocoa bombs have been all of the rage for some time now. But now, there is a new contender that has decided to elbow its way into the ring: tea bombs.

Tea bombs are gaining in popularity as we speak and for good reason. If you have already used the other bombs, you know how these are going to work. The bomb is placed in a mug and hot water is poured over it. Or, you can place the bomb in a mug that has already been filled up with hot water.

Photo: Unsplash

If you take a look around on Etsy, you are going to notice that the tea bombs are all prepared in different ways! Some of the bombs on Etsy hold the tea bag itself, others hold the flavoring in the actual bomb. When you are shopping on there, be sure to keep a close eye on the details.

Many of the shops on Etsy that provide these bombs are not going to sell them in as a single item. Instead, they usually come in packs of three or four.

Photo: Etsy / KikiBakeshop

It pays to take your time and check over all of the details first so you know exactly what you’re getting.

As far as shops go, we are fans of Kiki Bakeshop and ChampyBub.

Photo: Etsy / ChampyBub

The good old days of using a regular tea bag have come and gone. Now, we are all about the tea bombs! It’s a great way to dress up one of our favorite beverages and make them a bit more fun. There are so many different kinds to choose from, too.

Have you ever tried a tea bomb? What did you think? Let us know!

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