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It seems like only yesterday that we were able to turn on Netflix and watch every episode of friends. Many of us binge-watched all 236 episodes and we just started all over again. It was a great time to be alive, but Netflix decided to pull the plug and ruin the fun.

If you miss the opportunity to watch Friends every day, then you are about to have a big smile on your face. We now have the chance to watch every episode of Friends and we don’t even have to pay the streaming fee from Netflix. HBO Max is about to run the Friends reunion special and TBS is going to run every episode of the sitcom, starting from the beginning.

Photo: Pixabay/JESHOOTS

The fun began on April 20, but you still have the chance to see most of the episodes, because they are going to be running for a month. Tune in every weekday from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM to catch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, and the gang for six hours of hilarious fun.

Considering the fact that most of us are working from home and we can have it running in the background while we are working, the timing couldn’t be better. You can enjoy it until May 18, when the network will finish the last of the shows. In other words, you have four weeks to enjoy Friends!

If you happen to have On Demand, you don’t even have to stick to their schedule. If you don’t have access to TBS, you can always watch episodes on the Friends section of the TBS website. Most of them can be accessed for free.

The marathon started with the first episode from 1994. It’s hard to believe that 26 years have passed, and we still love watching the show just as much as the first time we saw it.