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People get accustomed to going to the store and picking up whatever they want, whenever they want it. The problem is, there are some rare occasions when the store is closed but we can always count on the big boys, such as Target and Walmart to have their doors open.

According to a press release by Walmart, however, they are going to be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

Photo: flickr/vxla

They are not the only store to close on that day, as Target was leading the way. The reason why they are closing their doors is to thank all of their associates for working so hard during the pandemic.

If you need anything for Thanksgiving, you can always pick it up the day before. Walmart is going to be open their regular hours on Wednesday, and they will be posting additional information about their Black Friday store hours at a later time.

Photo: flickr/Random Retail

According to the press release, Executive Vice President and chief operating officer for Walmart US, Dacona Smith, said: “Closing our stores on Thanksgiving Day is one way we’re saying ‘thank you’ to our teams for their dedication and hard work this year. We hope everyone will take the opportunity to be with their loved ones during what’s always a special time.”

If you are thinking that this is a little early for Walmart to be talking about Thanksgiving, they are just following the trend.

Photo: flickr/Nicholas Eckhart

Target had already announced in January that 2021 would be a special year because they will be closed on Thanksgiving. Both of the stores also closed on Thanksgiving last year, as the pandemic raged across the country.

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