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When you’re getting ready to go on vacation, there are a wide range of stove related questions that need to be addressed. Am I going to forget to turn off my stove? What happens if I don’t? Will a neighbor be able to come in and check? Meanwhile, there are those who don’t even think about their stove until after they have already left for their vacation.

At that point, a new set of questions starts to emerge. Did I leave my stove on? Is my house still standing? Whether you fall into the former category or the latter, both lines of questioning are probably easy to relate to. Everyone has a story of receiving a phone call from a panicked neighbor who wanted to know whether their home had been reduced to ashes and soot.

We’re the forgetful types that start thinking about that sort of thing once we have already boarded the plane. A little bit of dread makes that flight out of town hit different, you know? If you would like to avoid the embarrassment of having to call the neighbors, this simple tip is going to change your life.

Photo: Pixabay

Lifehacker shared this tip and it’s a real game-changer. Once you are done using the stove and you are ready to go, take a photo of the “OFF” button. That will let you know that all is quiet on the western front while you are away. Some of you might be wondering why anyone needs this kind of assistance in the first place and that is fair.

The fear-ridden folks who are looking to keep the scary thoughts away when they leave their home for extended periods will hail this hack as a true savior. We no longer have to indulge in our paranoid fantasies about burning the entire neighborhood to the ground. All is well (until we find something else that we need to be worrying about).

Be sure to share this one with all of your fellow worriers. We know that we are definitely not alone in this one. You can also snap photos of your valuables, a closed fridge, an unplugged iron, a computer that has been turned off, whatever helps you sleep better at night…literally.