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So far, 2022 seems to be off to a promising start. As of January 6th, Taco Bell has introduced a new measure that will allow their loyal fan base to order at their nearest drive-thru without having to worry about money.

The reason? A taco subscription!

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

Called the Taco Lover’s Pass, the company has announced they’ll be starting a subscription service that allows their customers to pay a fixed monthly fee in exchange for a readily available supply of tacos!

The subscription fee is $10 a month, and for that amount you can visit Taco Bell on the daily in order to obtain one taco of your choice – whether that is crunch or soft, a Taco Supreme, a Doritos Locos Taco, or a Spicy Potato Taco.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Items like Chalupas or Gorditas don’t seem to be part of the deal. And when you think about it, just one taco a day is about $1.50, so within a week you’ve already redeemed back the value of your subscription fee for the month.

The subscription offer was test-marketed back in the autumn of 2021 in Arizona before it was rolled out at a national level this year. So far, the chain’s most-redeemed taco appears to be the Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, according to a press release.

Photo: flickr/zombite

If this sounds like your kind of deal, it’s really easy to sign up for the Taco Lover’s Pass. All you need to do is be a member of Taco Bell’s rewards program, and then download their app. In addition, orders through the app will now also have a section where the taco subscription can be redeemed.

What do you think of Taco Bell’s idea for a taco subscription? Is this something that you would sign up for? Have you already signed up for it? Let us know!

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