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2020 has taken so much from us over these past 11 months. And this year’s cruelty is not done yet, as in September Taco Bell made the horrific announcement that they’d be dropping the fan-favorite Mexican Pizza from the menu.

Despite upheaval from customers and numerous impassioned pleas and petitions, Taco Bell is still sticking to their decision to ditch the Mexican pizza, which has been a staple on their menu for 32 years. There was even a petition which collected more than 130,000 signatures protesting this decision.

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Enjoying this before its gone, hopefully #TacoBell will consider keeping it on the menu. Got till November 5… #mexicanpizza #tacobellmexicanpizza #keepthemexicanpizza #mexicanpizzalivesmatter #foodie #foodgamn #foodporn #lunchtime #latepost #nofilter

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But it turns out that the reason Taco Bell is so steadfast in their removal of the Mexican pizza isn’t due to low numbers, it’s because of the food item’s environmental impact. As it turns out, the packaging for the pizza accounts for more than seven million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S. Personally, while I may not love the idea of never getting to nosh on the crunchy carb bomb when I’m stateside again, I do applaud Taco Bell for taking a greener initiative.

And while I might not be able to have one last hurrah, you can still enjoy one final Taco Bell Mexican pizza before it is discontinued on the 5th of November. But you might have to try several different locations, as many Taco Bells have already begun to remove the item. It’s already been removed from the “specialty menu” both online and in the mobile app.