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As a fast-food chain that prides itself on standing out from the crowd, Taco Bell has definitely carved its own unique place in the fast-food landscape.

Now, they are taking their innovations to a whole new level by creating a restaurant that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. This 3,000 square foot restaurant, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, will be known as “Taco Bell Defy.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Taco Bell announced the new project in a press release. The two-story model is designed to showcase “the frictionless future of Taco Bell.” Digital consumers are finally being catered to in a whole new way, with technology and unique design elements that will maximize ease of use and disrupt known conventions.

Taco Bell franchisee Border Foods and Minneapolis-based Vertical Works Inc., are a part of this partnership as well. One of their design teams with WORKSHOP shared about the new project on Instagram:

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Their objective is simple: They wish to create a whole new drive-thru experience for the consumer. They will have four different drive-thru lanes for you to choose from, three of which will be exclusively dedicated to those who are picking up online orders or delivery orders. Taco Bell customers will have the ability to use an app that allows them to skip the lines entirely.

Mobile orders will be able to be redeemed when customers arrive and use the digital check-in screens. In case there is any confusion, these orders will be filled via unique QR codes. Check out the photo below from PD Instore, a design team working on the project:

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The orders themselves are even going to be delivered through a system that is fascinatingly complex. The contactless lift system is the future of takeout dining, we are sure of it. It’s similar to how banks use tubes to deliver money and other items, but these tubes are designed with food and drinks in mind.

In case you are thinking that the customers will not be able to interact with the staff members, this has also been taken care of by the designers of this restaurant. Video technology and two-way audio are going to be available so that diners will be able to speak with staffers as needed.

It sounds like this is the dining of the future!

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