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If we had our way, everything we eat would taste like it came straight from Taco Bell. Everything they make is delicious.

Now, that can be a reality. You will finally have the chance to take that signature Taco Bell flavor home with you, without having to even go to Taco Bell!

Photo: flickr / Steven Depolo

According to Delish, many shoppers around the country have started to notice Taco Bell’s all-purpose seasonings on store shelves. They are slowly making their way to supermarkets everywhere and not a moment too soon. They’ve specifically been spotted in Jeijer, Foodland, and Phelps Market.

Photo: Instagram / junkfoodduo

The new all-purpose seasoning comes in two different flavors: hot and mild. According to Yahoo!Life, they’re made with salt, garlic, onion, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

Whether you are looking to add flavor to your popcorn or your pizza, you will be able to season to your heart’s content.

Photo: flickr / Ilya

If the seasoning is not available in your region yet, you’ll have to go straight to Taco Bell to bring their flavorful food home. Unfortunately, Instagram user @markie_devo shared that the seasoning will not be distributed any longer after speaking with Kraft.

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