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We wish we could have been there for the pitch meeting on this one. Someone really came up with the brilliant idea to combine grocery shopping with game shows. This is the stroke of genius that took place when Supermarket Sweep was first born. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, contestants are given the chance to answer various trivia questions and they can also collect various high priced items from a grocery store.

Now that we are heading into yet another month of quarantine and social distancing, it’s like the universe has decided to do us all a favor. Supermarket Sweep is now on Netflix! We must warn you, though. There is only one season available, so you’ll have to make do with 15 episodes from 1993.

When the show originally made its way to American airwaves, it aired for only two seasons back in the ’60s. It was eventually resurrected for a five year run during the 1990s and it also came back at the turn of the century. Supermarket Sweep was also planning a reboot that would have been hosted by Leslie Jones of SNL fame. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has put a major damper on those plans.

Those who remember the show from childhood are sure to be pleased by Netflix’s decision. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nostalgia and forget about everything that is going on at the moment.

Leslie Jones is definitely the perfect choice to host the reboot. We cannot wait to check it out (when it eventually happens). In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep watching the season that Netflix is providing us with, as we dream about simpler times.

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