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Each year, I look forward to decorating the Christmas tree with my family. But it seems that the days of traditional lights and ornaments are gone. From black to upside down to unicorn Christmas trees are seriously making us consider how we decorate this year.

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hello i’m aliyah and some people know me as the sunflower christmas tree girl from twitter, and let me just say that the internet is INSANE. this silly picture of my tree has made its way around the world, and i have been swamped with messages of love and approval, but at the same time, there have been individuals who took it upon themselves to hate upon someone’s (my) expression of art. to them, i owe no explanation but i truly hope that whatever is hurting them gets resolved and they experience as much love as i’ve been blessed to receive in the past 48 hours. thank you, and merry christmas from me and my sunflowers 💛🌻 also yes u can hire me to decorate your tree, i’m a college kid and money is always a yes #sunflowerchristmastree #christmas #sunflower #sunflowerchristmas #liyahbobeah #trending #original #sunflowers #theoriginalsunflowerchristmastree #sunflowergirl

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A new trend is slowly making waves online…The Sunflower Tree! We took a step back when we first saw these trees cause it doesn’t necessarily scream “winter”. But now we are totally digging the idea.

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🌻Hello December🌻 (Featuring this years spin on a Christmas tree)

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What I didn’t know is that the sunflower blooms in the fall, so it makes total sense people are putting the flowers up on their trees.

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It all started last year when Twitter user @liyahbobeah posted a picture of her creation online. The photo went insanely viral and we can see why – its freakin’ adorable!

To make sure the sunflowers stayed on the tree, she didn’t cut the long stems and inserted them into the tree.

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#sunflowers #sunflowers🌻 #sunflowerchristmastree #ilovesunflowers

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What do we think about this being my #ChristmasTree this year?? Ya’ll know I love 2 things: #llamas and #Sunflowers. #ILoveSunflowers #SunflowerTree #SunflowerChristmasTree. Or what about a #LlamaTree #🌻🎄 #🌻 #🎄 #🌻🌲

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Finished decorating my Christmas Tree. #christianholzman#deland#sunflower#christmastree#sunflowers#sunflowerchristmastree#merrychristmas#xmas#holiday#seasonsgreetings#decorations#florida#gator#floridagator#santaclaus#photooftheday

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