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Weddings experience many different trends. One of the current flower trends for people getting married seems to be to not have any flowers at all. Instead of carrying bouquets of flowers, brides are choosing to carry bouquets made out of succulents!

Succulents are everywhere these days – they’re hearty and easy to care for, plus they are quite pretty. So it makes complete sense that they would eventually find their way into the wedding scene – they’re quite versatile.

And nothing says versatility like some of these succulent bouquets that are found on Instagram. These creations definitely show that succulents can be just as beautiful as flowers. In fact, some of these succulent bouquets are so pretty that they are able to completely forgo all traditional flowers in favor of the succulents having center stage.

Photo: Instagram / fairyland.sherillobo
Photo: Instagram / fairyland.sherillobo
Photo: Instagram / fairyland.sherillobo

But it just wedding bouquets that are getting a succulent makeover. Wedding boutonnières are also jumping on board with the succulent trend. And we think they’re pretty cool!

Photo: Instagram / theseasidesucculent
Photo: Instagram /justinesflowers
Photo: Instagram /

Given the versatility of these plants, it makes sense that they can be mixed into other aspects of a wedding, such as cake design. Oh, that’s correct, some cake designs actually incorporate the humble succulent plant.

Photo: Instagram /greengardensucculents
Photo: Instagram / sweetwoodbakery
Photo: Instagram /

What do you think of the succulent trend showing up in weddings? Would you ever use a succulent bouquet or centerpiece? How about succulents on a wedding cake? Let us know!