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The third season of Succession premiered two weeks ago and we have been enjoying the steady stream of online content dedicated to the show ever since. If you have not gotten onboard yet, you are definitely missing out.

The fans have been sharing memes and talking about their favorite characters but now we’ll have a chance to enjoy the show on a whole new level.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

True fans of the show will remember a certain scene from season two when they see this ice cream. Ample Hills is an ice cream brand that has stores in New York City and New Jersey. The treats are shipped nationwide, in case you are curious.

The S’more on the Floor flavor is named for the famous Succession scene that featured the game “Boar on the Floor.” For those who don’t remember, Logan Roy used the cruel game as a means of testing the loyalty of his employees. They were forced to root around on the floor like pigs, as the boss tossed them food. While this scene was a tough one to watch, we are willing to bet that the ice cream is going to be a bit more enjoyable.

We absolutely cannot wait to dig in. The milk chocolate marshmallow ice cream comes with marshmallow scotch swirls, chocolate dipped graham cracker cookies, and there are even chocolate “Greg” sprinkles. He’s a fan-favorite character and for very good reason. The ingredients for the ice cream were even picked out by the fans, as Ample Hills held a poll over the summer.

Each pint of the ice cream features an amazing illustration of the show’s cast members, which is a nice added touch. If you would like to pre-order a pack of your own, they can be had in packs of four. The ice cream will cost you $44 plus shipping, which is a small price to pay for such a unique treat.

If you are anything like us, you are definitely going to be putting in your order as soon as possible. This is the best possible treat to enjoy during your next binge-watching session, we assure you.

Of course, we have no choice but to wait week-to-week now because we are already caught up. Ah well, we guess that we will just have to wait until next Sunday to see what Logan, Kendall, Shiv, Roman, Connor, Tom, Greg, Gerri and the gang are up to…

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