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We’ve all heard tales of property owners who are understandably upset when their land is encroached on by developers wanting to turn their family home or small business into high rise apartments or a luxury shopping mall. Typically, however, the developers can negotiate an asking price that’s too good to refuse.

Well, except for these people. The developers probably thought these homeowners were trying to squeeze them for more money, when in reality, these residents are simply stating the truth – they’re not going to move for anyone or anything.

Bring on the construction, the tight spaces, the detoured roads; all these homeowners care about is winning. Although, are these residents really winning? Seems like more of a lose/lose situation, but hey. I’ve got to hand it to these people – they sure know how to make a statement! Let’s check out the most stubborn homeowners in the world.


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We’ve all had a difference of opinion from our neighbors before. Some of us may have argued a time or two, though I’m sure the dispute was settled in an adult fashion. The two residents that occupied this duplex, however, absolutely could not see eye-to-eye on whether to sell their building or not. As you can see, the dispute never got resolved.

This half-house originated in 1957, when one occupant of the duplex refused to sell their home to a development team in Toronto. Instead of scrapping the project, the team continued construction, dismantling the duplex until just half remained. Amazingly, this half-house is occupied today.

Stubborn Nail House

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In China, there is a phenomenon known as “Nail Houses.” These are homes that homeowners absolutely refuse to sell, under any circumstance. Literally.

Unlike in the US and other countries, the people who want to buy the property aren’t real estate moguls looking for their next easy buck. No, in China, it’s the government that wants the residents to sell, and they don’t have a problem playing dirty. Oftentimes water and electricity are cut to the homes of people who refuse to move.

And yet, these persistent owners refuse to budge an inch. Kind of like a stubborn…nail. Hence the name. One such resident in Rui’an, China, was the only person in her neighborhood who refused to sell her property – even when the units on the left and right of hers were torn down. She stayed even though her water and electricity were cut off. What’s even more incredible is that she had only been living in her home for a year!

360° View

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Living in an abandoned lot might be one thing, but how about right in the middle of a four-lane highway? This is another example that takes place in China, where three families reportedly linked arms and refused to let the bulldozers through to demolish their homes.

Surprisingly, the government relented, opting instead to build the massive highway all around the building that housed the families. I’m sure they thought all the noise and hustle and bustle would convince the owners to sell after all, but they underestimated the stubbornness of these three families!

King of the Hill

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From abandoned lots to circular highways, and now giant dirt hills, the residents of China sure know how to make a point. This truly incredible family held their ground…until it gave way beneath their feet.

The developers were forced to work around the Wu home after they refused to sell. When the family left on a trip, the construction crew actually excavated a 30-foot deep trench around the house. When they got back, the family broke into the construction site and moved back into their house. Then, they flew the Chinese flag loud and proud for all to see.

Legend has it the homeowner, Yang Wu, was a local martial arts champion and he carved out a stairway up to the house using just his nunchucks. It’s also reported that he threatened the construction workers. Eventually, the Wu family came to an agreement and sold their house. I can only imagine how big the paycheck was that finally convinced them to sell!

See more stubborn homeowners in the video below!

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