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Hiccups can be either funny or annoying, depending upon whether it is you or someone else that is experiencing them.

Throughout the years, there have been many people who claim to have the cure for hiccups, including the inevitable person screaming at you in an attempt to frighten them away or making you drink copious amounts of water.

Photo: flickr/Radrice

According to The Guardian, the cure for hiccups may be as simple as sipping fluid through a straw.

The straw, which costs $14, claims to provide an immediate cure for hiccups for most people. It is an L-shaped contraption known as the HiccAway.

Photo: Facebook/HiccAway

In a study published in the Jama Network, a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Ali Seifi, spoke about how the device would stop hiccups about 92% of the time. Of the 203 participants, 183 said it was better than a home cure.

Photo: Jama Network

While it works well, a consultant neurologist and epilepsy neurosurgeon that was not involved with the study, Dr. Rhys Thomas, chimed in by saying to The Guardian it was likely to work and was COVID safe. He also said that it was a solution to a problem that nobody was asking for.

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