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Chocolate Surprise Cookies

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate overload? For this fun and easy hack, you’ll need cookie dough that’s in package and scored into squares. Break off a square and flatten it out into a disk. Then, stick whatever candy you want in the middle!

We suggest peanut butter cups, Rolos, mint chocolate kisses, or even marshmallows. Really, whatever your heart desires. Roll the dough into a ball, keeping the candy in the middle, and bake as directed!
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Ti-Dye Cookies

One super simple way to spruce up any cookie is to get creative with the frosting. After all, the perfect compliment to a sugar cookie is frosting, right? For this awesome tie-dye technique, you’ll need liquid food coloring and peppermint extract.

Combine the extract and color, and squeeze a little into an eye dropper. After frosting the cookies with royal icing, place a few drops of the food coloring mix on the still wet frosting. Repeat with other colors to complete the look!
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Swirled Cookies

Another quick and easy frosting method can be achieved with royal frosting and food coloring. Place the royal icing in a bowl and add a few drops of your preferred colors of food coloring.

Swirl the colors together and place the cooled cokie face down in the bowl. Then lit up and swirl to make a pretty design!
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