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There are many reasons why we will remember COVID. Perhaps it affected us on a personal level, either through sickness or it may have been financial difficulties. There are other reasons why we will remember the pandemic, and included in those issues is social distancing.

Although we are likely to see the resurgence is of the virus as different variants show up on the scene, it seems as if the worst of the pandemic is behind us. As a result, certain markets are now seeing a resurgence of demand for their products. This includes something that you may not have thought would experience a rise in demand – stain remover.

Photo: flickr/Chris Breikss

When COVID-19 showed up on the world scene, it wasn’t long before consumers were rushing to the grocery store and picking up all the cleaners (and toilet paper) they could find. That particular demand eventually subsided, but now, it seems as if consumers are interested in cleaning themselves up again.

According to BBC, Reckitt, a UK hygiene product company, shared that the demand for one of their clothing stain removers, Varnish, has grown now that social restrictions are decreasing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They went on to say how there is a direct correlation between social distancing and the demand for cleaner, and they see it more as “market conditions normalizing.”

It isn’t only stain removers that are seeing an increased demand, products that are associated with intimate wellness, including hair removal creams, have been in higher demand recently. On the other hand, demand for Lysol and similar products has slowed down.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Reckitt also spoke about how consumer behaviors are vacillating, depending upon how many people are getting vaccinated, any new waves of coronavirus, and advice from the government.

They went on to say: “Nevertheless, both brands [Dettol and Lysol] are more relevant with consumers than pre-pandemic and are therefore structurally better positioned to grow into new places and new spaces in the future.”

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