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Spiders are not commonly associated with Christmas in most instances. However, they are a bigger part of this holiday than most would ever expect. In fact, they are a Christmas symbol unlike any other.

Maybe you have seen the spider ornaments on a certain tree this year? As it turns out, there is a rich history when it comes to the presence of spiders during Christmastime.

The history is rooted in Ukraine and Germany, where stories regarding the Christmas spiders are told.

In one version, a widowed mother who does not have the funds to decorate her Christmas tree is visited by benevolent spiders. They weave a series of elaborate webs that leave her tree looking marvelous. The mother and her child awaken on Christmas morning and open the curtains. Once the sunlight hits the web, it turns into gold and silver. The family has nothing but good fortune going forward.

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There are other versions of the story that claim Santa Claus or Jesus Christ was responsible for transforming the webs. The legend is probably linked to the idea that spiders are responsible for bringing in good fortune. Whatever the reasoning may be, Ukrainians decorate their trees with beautiful spider ornaments.

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They are usually constructed from some of the most gorgeous beads that you are ever going to see. If you would like to start your own unique Christmastime tradition, this is your chance to do so. You can find many beautiful spider ornaments on Etsy.

While many of us may not associate spiders with Christmas, the two go hand-in-hand. Do you have Christmas spiders on your tree? Would you consider adding them? Let us know!

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