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As a mother, we want to do our best to care for our children but that also means taking care of ourselves. When you stop to think about it, you are not going to be as good of a parent if you allow yourself to get stressed out and exhausted. Even though we realized that is true, it can still be difficult to justify going to a spa for a routine appointment. There’s a lot to it, including hiring a babysitter, and that hassle alone may keep you from going.

If a small treatment is on your todo list but you just can’t seem to get to it, you might want to head over to Los Angeles’ Spa Lé La. They have a rather interesting offer of complimentary childcare in-house and a number of prenatal and postpartum treatments along with the typical beauty services offered at most spas.

An Instagram post from the spa shows you what you can expect on the inside. You can check out their social media accounts to see what they offer. It’s great to visit a place that is parent-friendly.

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The only thing missing is you . . . #spaday #spalela #childcareproviders #ladayspa #studiocitymassage #infraredsauna #studiocityfacial #luxurybath #massagethrone

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If you are expecting a baby, you might want to try some of the specialty treatments including belly facials, prenatal reiki or craniosacral therapy. If you are in your third trimester, a labor-stimulating massage may also be in order.

Many stars have also appreciated what the spa has to offer, including Daniela Monet from Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’.

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@daniellamonet in good hands with JoJo . . . #zenstate #momsofinstagram #prenatalmassage #spale #momslife #massagelife #massagetherapy #scalpmassage #relaxation

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For post-partum mothers, a number of additional treatments are also available such as an abdominal massage, Epsom salt baths or lymphatic drainage.

Perhaps the most unique thing they offer is a room dedicated to napping. Catch a 25-minute power nap for only $30 in their “private napping suite.” You can enjoy the soft linens and soothing sounds in the room. It’s also a great place to catch up on some reading, as you can book a pod in a shared quiet room to relax for 25 minutes. The cost is only $20.

While you are enjoying whatever spa treatment you desire, your kids are off enjoying some relaxing, fun activities. There is an on-site playroom and kids classes offered from attentive staff members.

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Your mini’s need some zen time too! Come in and treat both of you to an afternoon of complete relaxation! Sign up for our kids classes, Space is limited! . . . #YogaBaby #ZenTime #MommyAndMe

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Although Spa Lé La offers some very unique spa treatments for parents, there are also a number of other spas in the Los Angeles area that offer something similar. This includes Mommy’s Retreat salon that also offers childcare, along with manicures, waxing, hair and makeup services.

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