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As a student who graduated from high school in 2020, Emmy Rener is used to living a certain way. The days of discovering new products that you want to see through television and magazines are over. Emmy is a prime example of this. She’s one of the many children who now does much of her shopping online, and the internet is where she finds all of her inspiration.

Emmy makes purchases that are based on her Instagram finds, like so many others. She was also stuck at home during the start of the pandemic and decided that it would be in her best interests to take a gap year before starting college.

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To pass the time, she decided that she was going to start her own business, which is known as Sophisticated Spreads.

When Emmy first started this curated cheeseboard business, she had the perfect idea for how to get the idea off the ground. She was going to lean on influencer marketing.

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As it turns out, she had quite the support network to lean on when she was in the process of becoming a titan of industry. She was more than happy to let the good folks at In The Know in on her secret.

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“My entire immediate family is business owners,” she told the outlet. “I had a lot of guidance from my parents and those closest to me, as well as lots of mentors that I met along the way.”

Emmy was definitely right about the feasibility of the idea, as Sophisticated Spreads is an idea that certainly lends itself well to Instagram posts.

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Emmy knew what so many others have already experienced for themselves. These businesses tend to grow exponentially because customers love to share their purchases with their followers. Who doesn’t love to take photos of their charcuterie boxes when it comes time to show them off?

“Social media is everything for my business,” she explained. “The power of TikTok has proven how somewhat easy it can be to reach millions of people within minutes.”

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That’s not all. She’s even managed to snag some high-end clientele. She shared that Sofia Vergara has been a client of hers for a while, and when Vergara shares photos of the spreads it really helps business.

You can see more of her gorgeous spreads on Instagram.

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