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Sportsmanship is something that we don’t see very often in this world. If it were seen often, it wouldn’t be such a surprise when it shows itself. Even though we don’t see it very often, we love it when we do see it and we saw it in great measure in Adairsville.

A pitcher for the JV softball team, Lily Roberts, decided she would do the right thing when the pitcher for the opposing team got sick. The team would have to forfeit as a result, but Lily stepped up to the plate, literally.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

In an interview with a local TV station, Robert said: “They were struggling and I knew if I didn’t step up, the game would have to end and they would have to forfeit. So I just thought, I would love to step up.”

She also took things in stride, firing some fastballs across the plate and showing that she was ready to do what she could to help the other team out.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

The coach even said that she would smile and then throw a strike. She was pitching for them like she was “in a championship game.”

You would think that something like this would be frustrating to both teams, but the girls on both benches were cheering away. The opposing team was supportive when she came out to pitch for them. She felt good because they were cheering for her.

Photo: flickr/mark6mauno

In the end, the coach perhaps set things in perspective when she says it’s not winning that makes him proud, it’s the actions of the players and the lessons they learn on the field.

He summed things up nicely by saying: “If we could be as positive as Lily is, there would be a lot less problems in the world.” Watch the interview below:

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