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It’s that time of year when we tend to use candles the most. The days are darker and colder, so it makes sense that we’d want to brighten our space with a lovely scented candle. And for those of us who might enjoy the smell of different sodas, there is now an Etsy shop, LivingTreeCandles, who is providing consumers with specially scented candles that resemble their favorite soda flavors.

We didn’t realize that we needed this so badly, but now we want these soy-based candles that come in their up-cycled soda cans – how cute! The most popular one seems to be their Mountain Dew candle, and you can choose a can design of either regular Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew. Each of the Mountain Dew candles cost $10.95 before shipping, and the listing says that up to four candles can be purchased for the price of one shipping rate.

Photo: Etsy / LivingTreeCandles

And LivingTreeCandles also offers Dr. Pepper candles, but they’re slightly different. Rather than coming in Dr. Pepper cans, these are designed to look like the soda is a tall glass with ice and. straw. Besides looking just like a real Dr. Pepper in a glass, the candle even smells incredibly similar to the real thing as well!

Photo: Etsy / LivingTreeCandles

However, this candle will also provide hours of use as you’ll be able to get somewhere between 180 and 200 hours from this candle. And that is a pretty fair value for $34.95.

Besides these two candles and her various other options, other Esty candle shops seem to be getting on the trend of scented soda candles as well. VineyardCandleCo has its own Orange Fanta candle that comes in three different sizes and ranges in prices between $10 to $20. They also have other soda smells like Coke, grape soda, and creme soda. Or, they even have a strawberry margarita scented candle for those who want to make their home smell a little more like a party – and that sounds like a great idea!