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Moms always go above and beyond to make Christmas special for their families. I remember my Christmases as a child being pretty magical, and that was all on account of my mother. From her dedication to decorating to her cooking to her ability to pick the perfect gifts, my mom was able to do it all. But when it came to her presents, unfortunately, she didn’t always get half as much as she deserved.

When I was really little, my dad and I would go pick out presents for her, which would usually consist of some form of loungewear. And that typically wrapped it up. While she’d always be sure to get specifically the things that were on our Christmas wish lists, we’d sometimes fall short in our ability to think of what might make mom happy. Of course, this never seemed to really phase her much as she’d still be happy on Christmas morning.

Photo: YouTube / Saturday Night Live

But my mom isn’t the only mother who would wind up with a slightly smaller stack of presents beneath the family Christmas tree. It’s a common occurrence for many mothers across America, and it was a reality that was highlighted by the writers of Saturday Night Live.

The comedy sketch show nailed it during their annual holiday special when they performed a musical number about Christmas morning. While all the characters are unwrapping presents and excitedly singing about what they got for Christmas, the mother – played by Kristen Wiig – sadly drew the short end of the stick.

The father and kids got all sorts of cool toys and items, while the mother got a robe. And that was her one and only gift.

Wiig’s character keeps repeating, “I got a robe,” over and over each time that she sings a verse. Of course, this is further highlighted by all the effort she’s going through on the day of Christmas like making them breakfast and everything.

The sketch was quite relatable to a lot of people and ended up having plenty of comments on its accuracy.

You can watch it below:

What do you think of the video? Don’t forget to give mom more than one gift this year! Happy Holidays!

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