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If you have ever handed your little ones a bag of candy and let them go play, you know how happy they get. The level of excitement that is in the air at these times is hard to put a price on. What happens if you hand them a bag of candy and ask them to go do a science experiment, though? This is a good question and we finally have the answers, thanks to Dave Hax.

Anyone who has seen his videos in the past knows how awesome they can be. You’ll need some Skittles to handle this experiment but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. They are a fairly easy candy to come by! These candies are free of chocolate and they allow parents to spread the love far and wide. Wait until you find out more about the adventures that await you…

Long baths tend to make our skin pretty wrinkly. Naturally, we were curious about what would happen if the Skittles we know and love were subjected to the same treatment. Once you have seen Dave Hax’s video, you won’t be able to resist. You will have to share it with your children immediately.

Photo: YouTube / DaveHax

It’s a great activity for anyone who is stuck in the house all day. Parents who are looking for ways to pass the time with their children are sure to love this one. Best of all, you do not need any complicated materials to get started. As long as you have your favorite pack of Skittles on hand, the process is very simple.

Do you have your Skittles? All you need from there is a dinner plate and a glass of warm water.

Check out the tutorial for further instructions – your kids are going to love it!

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