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Patricia Prado Oliveira shared a silverware-sorting hack that she swears by. However, the world of TikTok isn’t so convinced. In fact, people are pretty divided on the matter.

Since its initial upload, the clip has been accumulated nearly 5 million views due to its controversial nature. In the video, you can see that instead of stacking the silverware inside of the drawer like most of us do, she’s got a completely different approach.

Photo: Pixabay

Instead of stacking each piece of cutlery one on top of the other, she places the silverware in the drawer sideways. Each piece perfectly lines up with the other and it creates a very cohesive and organized-looking drawer.

Photo: TikTok/patriciapradooliv
Photo: TikTok/patriciapradooliv

On one hand, it seems simple and easy. On the other, we are not sure if it is really going to work. As many comments pointed out, the hack only works if the cutlery matches. Otherwise, it doesn’t all lineup and won’t fit together quite so nicely.

Watch the hack below:


♬ som original – Patricia Prado Oliveira

Some people were shocked by the hack and couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it before.


#duet with @patriciapradooliv why wasn’t I shown this sooner 😩 #lifehack #organizingtiktok #SayQuayNotKway

♬ original sound – Jessica 💋

What do you think of this way of organizing the cutlery drawer?

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