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The world of TikTok is filled with all sorts of hacks that are sure to change your life. For example, this latest clip that has gone viral is a major life hack. We love clips that allow us to enjoy better meals and easier preparation processes. We do not break out terms like “game-changer” very easily but if this clip does not qualify, we are not sure what does.

If you are anything like us, you typically shred your chicken with a fork. That is understandable enough but did you know that there is a better way?

Photo: flickr/Michael Salazar

This is one of the best cooking tips that we have come across lately. raising.wildlings_ is the TikTok user who is bringing this hack our way and we are now forever in their debt.

Her tip is one for the ages, as the clip has already amassed nearly 30 million views in just under a week. Clearly, we are not the only ones who are benefiting from this one. Her tip is as simple as it gets: Instead of using a fork to shred chicken, use a hand mixer.

Photo: TikTok/@raising.wildlings_

It’s the sort of hack that makes a person want to smack themselves in the forehead and wonder what took them so long. That’s the beauty of TikTok.

“Honestly, best life hack of my adult life,” the post is captioned. We are inclined to agree. The clip showcases a pot full of chicken that needs to be shredded.

There’s no reason to do all of that by hand, so she grabbed the hand mixer and diced it all up within a few seconds.

Photo: TikTok/raising.wildlings_

It seriously does not get much easier than that, does it?

Check it out in action in the video below:


*thinks back to all the time wasted in the past. #kitchenhack #foodie #shreddedchicken #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

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