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If you are tired of the usual candy cane flavors that you come across during the holiday season, we have a new option available. Seattle-based novelty retailer Archie McPhee is offering shitake mushroom-flavored candy canes this year.

We’re not going to lie to you here, we are equal parts horrified and intrigued. You can purchase a half dozen for just $6.50. Who knows, maybe you’ll really enjoy them, maybe they’ll make a great prank.

Just imagine the looks on your family’s faces when you hand them these “treats” and watch them take a lick. The color will make them think that they are about to have some delicious butterscotch.

“We know Santa is a fungi,” reads the description for these insane candy canes. “So obviously he gives a shiitake about Christmas!”

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These candy canes are just the latest member of an astonishing lineup of flavors. If we had to guess, Willy Wonka won’t be offering up any of these options anytime soon. The red and white striped candy canes that Archie McPhee sells aren’t the classic peppermint candy canes that you are used to. Instead, they are ketchup flavored!

Every candy cane is not meant to be an assault on the senses, though. Archie even provides a flavor that is specially designed to appeal to all of the pizza lovers out there (and who doesn’t love pizza)? There’s also a candy cane that will make a perfect gift for all of your friends and loved ones who cannot wait to go out for a nice bowl of pho when this is all said and done. Beyond that, they offer kale, ham, mac and cheese, bacon, pickle, and more.

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They even have a candy cane with no flavor at all, for anyone looking for a palate cleanser. You check out the full list of candy canes here.

What do you think of these candy cane flavors? Would you try them out for yourself?

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