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Now that we cannot head to restaurants as often as we would like, many of them have decided to bring their classics to our doorstep. Many are releasing all sorts of iconic recipes so that we do not have to miss out in the meantime. Shake Shack is one of these restaurants and if you’ve ever wanted access to their amazing cheese sauce recipe, the time is now.

Their cheese sauce goes well with almost anything that you can possibly think of. Shake Shack At Your Shack is their new cooking series and they are providing all sorts of awesome hacks and recipes, including this amazing cheese sauce recipe.

If you would like to learn more about the cheese sauce recipe, you’ll need to head to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The video has been shared on each platform and in case there is any confusion, you can watch a step-by-step tutorial of the directions. There are a few ingredients that you will need to obtain before you can get started on the process in earnest. Fortunately, the ingredients can be found in most kitchens.

White wine, heavy cream, peppercorn, salt, onions, jalapeno, canola oil, white wine vinegar, cheddar cheese, and American cheese are required if you’d like to recreate the recipe in full. As you might have expected, there are also some substitutions that can be made if you do not have access to all of these ingredients. All you REALLY need are the cheeses, onions, vinegar, and cream to create a super solid sauce. To learn more about the substitutions that you can make, take a moment to watch the video in full. Those who are using the full complement of ingredients can grease their pan with the canola oil to get started. From there, simply saute the salt, peppercorns, jalapeños, and onions.

Once the onions are translucent, add the white wine vinegar and white wine. Once the mixture has come down a bit, put in the heavy cream. The heat can be turned off now and the ingredients can seep together for the next 30 minutes. Next, strain the cream away from the solid ingredients and place it in a pan to bring to a slight boil. Whisk the cheeses and you are off and running! Don’t mind us while we put this on every food in the house.