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In many cases, we tend to do things around the home in a similar way to how our mother and father did them. That includes the process for doing laundry, but sometimes we also tend to walk on the wild side.

Of course, when you compare the machines that we use for laundry today with what our parents used, there are certain differences that need to be considered. There are also many similarities, and we try to stick closely to the way that we were taught.

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One of the things that many of us learned first about laundry is the fact that clothes need to be separated. If we were to accidentally get a red pair of britches in with our white socks, we would end up with an entire pink load!

Even though it is important to pay attention to the laundry in this way, it seems as if many people are just too busy to separate it any longer. It’s an extra step that costs us time, and time seems to be in short supply these days.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

In an effort to see whether separating laundry was truly a thing of the past, a Twitter user, @McKenzieDewese decided to do a quick poll.

She asked if anyone was under 40 that they should answer this simple question: “Do you separate your dark and light laundry?”

After many people responded, it turns out that more than 48% are no longer separating their laundry. Of course, they all have different reasons for not separating, but most of them say that they just wash in cold water to avoid bleeding.

Other reasons why people were no longer separating closes because it is time-consuming, took too much effort and is expensive to run that many loads. There were also those that said that it doesn’t matter, revealing that they just didn’t care.

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