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Recreations of famous paintings or movie posters and other parts of pop culture has been pretty popular on social media as people are trying to keep entertained during the months of lockdown. And with senior citizens being the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many elderly care facilities around the globe have been implementing lockdown restrictions on their premises in efforts to keep their residents safe from the spread of the virus. With so many older people cocooning indoors, activities coordinators, such as Robert Speker who works for the care home Sydmar Lodge in England, have had their hands full trying to keep residents entertained.

Wanting to do something fresh and creative for his senior residents, Speker got creative. He came up with the fun idea of having a photoshoot with the residents where they all recreated classic album art from different artists. Some of the covers were of Adele’s “21” album, which was retitled, “Vera 93.” The very clever photoshoot was then posted to social media for others to enjoy.

As Speker shared with the Jewish News, the project was one that he came up with as a means of keeping his residents happy. He was happy to see that the resident’s families were enjoying the results, with many of the grandchildren of the residents liking the results and sharing them. A few of the other residents did recreations of David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen, as well as one doing the nurse from the iconic Blink 182’s “Enema of the State” cover.

A lot of the recreations have proven to be filled with minor attention to detail which gives it a great overall result. Taylor Swift’s “1989” album cover was reimagined to be “1922” for the resident who posed for it. A lot of the residents were really into the photoshoot and one woman, Sheila Solomons, even went as far as smashing her cane the same way that The Clash’s bassist did with his microphone stand for the cover of “London Calling.” Sounds like Sheila really got into it! These seniors really got into their re-imaginations and the results were wonderful!

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