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You probably do not have $20 million sitting around at the moment, but if you do, we have got quite the piece of news to offer you. La Belle Mansion is on the market for sale!

For those who do not watch Schitt’s Creek (and you should!), you will want to learn more about this massive residence. It is situated in Toronto, Ontario, for starters. Now, it has been listed by agent Khoren Mardoyan of Home Life Vision Realty Inc.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you have never had the chance to take a closer look, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. This mansion is a sight for sore eyes. True Schitt’s Creek fans know that you do not receive too many glimpses of the house on the actual show. You get to see the house during the series premiere and they show it once more during the fourth season.

Photo: flickr

The 24,000 square foot, three-story home is one of the most luxurious residences that you are ever going to lay eyes on. The marble staircases and gold trimmings are enough to make anyone want to move in. This is the sort of home that can only be described in one word: palatial. 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms are spread throughout the property.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There’s an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool. The wine cellar is a nice touch as well. We also can’t stop laughing at the golfing simulator. After all, it is the perfect addition to this house because Johnny Rose is truly obsessive about the sport. Anyone who would like to host some guests can also head to the banquet hall, which comfortably seats up to 150 guests.

Photo: Home Life Vision

Be sure to take a closer look inside of this home and pass it along to the rest of the Schitt’s Creek fans in your life. This is one of the most exquisite buildings that we have ever laid eyes on, that is for sure.

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