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Christmas is different in 2020, thanks to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that we need to skip the celebration altogether. There are plenty of things that have remained the same, even though the ability to be together with family and friends may be somewhat hampered.

For example, gingerbread houses are always going to be a favorite part of the season, regardless of what is going on outside of our home. If you haven’t ever taken part in this type of tradition, it may be something that you want to try in 2020. Quite simply, rules go out the window when it comes to creating a gingerbread house. Just choose your favorite ingredients for the building materials and be as creative as you can be.

Then again, you may want to look to social media for some inspiration and that is exactly what many people are doing this year. Some of the most impressive gingerbread houses are modeled after Schitt’s Creek, and you may just want to give it a shot yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to put together the Rosebud Motel or any other attraction from the show, there are plenty of ways for you to do it.

If you’re ready to be inspired, take a look at the following creation and get ready to come up with something that will likely become a tradition you will enjoy from one year to the next.

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