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Schitt’s Creek has no shortage of fans and for good reason. It’s one of our favorite shows. Even if you are someone who has not seen the show before, you have probably come across it on TikTok. Perhaps you have seen the memes as well? Either way, one of the questions that we have been pondering because of this show has been finally been answered once and for all.

If we sound super grateful, that’s because we are. We have been wondering what “fold in the cheese” means for some time now. Those who have been craving Moira’s famous enchiladas will definitely want to read on and learn more. Andrew Rea has a popular cooking YouTube channel and he’s decided to tackle the recipe.

Rea did not disappoint. In case you need a quick rundown, the TL:DR version of this meme is that Moira and David have no idea what “fold in the cheese” means. The two begin to argue over what it does mean but no agreement is reached. David eventually becomes so frustrated that there’s nothing left for him to do but storm off.

Photo: YouTube / Binging With Babish

It’s well worth a watch if you have not seen it already. “How do you fold it? Do you fold it in half like a piece of paper and drop it in the pot, or what do you do?” asks David. Most of us are not mega-millionaires but we think we have a rough outline of what this phrase truly means. Anyone who is still confused will get their chance to find out the true answer when they check out the latest Binging With Babish episode.

We’re not about to spoil the surprise for you, that’s for sure. We will give you one quick hint before you watch the show, though. It doesn’t really have anything to do with actual folding. David’s earlier hypothesis did not ring true and we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news.

That probably doesn’t narrow it down that much but that’s the best that we can do. We’d like to take this time to send a big shout out to Babish for being willing to crack the code and share it with us. You will want to follow the entire recipe in his video so be sure to go check it out. The inspiration is sure to flow from there.