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It’s already October, which means if you’re not already binging scary movies then are you even doing the month correctly? While we all might like Halloween-themed movies, not all of us share the same tastes.

There are those of us who are horror fans, who love to feel a good scare, while there are others who hate getting their heart racing during a movie. But if you want to know which movie will entertain you, and which will have you biting your nails the entire time, you can check out the “Science of Scare” study by BroadbandChoices.

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According to a report by Bloody Disgusting, there has been research done based on various Reddit recommendations as well as critics’ picks and the choices from last year’s “Science of Scare” list in order to create the list of 30 must-see horror movies.

From there, the study had 250 participants watch all 30 movies on the list while being hooked up to monitors that kept track of their heart rate. They wanted to see just how scary the movies ranked.

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It turns out, the winner was “Host,” a 2020 British film which was filmed entirely on Zoom, and then released by Shudder. The movie isn’t even a whole hour, yet it scares the bejeezus out of viewers.

In fact, the average heart rate of viewers would beat 88 times per minute! If you’re not sure what that looks like in terms of scare, the normal resting average is about 24 beats per minute. Scary, right?

Photo: YouTube/Shudder

The second-place winner is a total scare-fest, with Ethan Hawke’s “Sinister.” The horror movie delivers plenty of jump scares and comes with a heart rate of 86 beats a minute.

In third place, 2010’s “Insidious.” Of course, there are other classics that make the list of scary movies like 1974’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” the 1978 movie “Halloween,” and the 1974 version of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” These three classic horror films all tied for 10th place with an average 77 heartbeats per minute.

Photo: flickr/Koen Jacobs

For the top 20 list, check it out below:

1) Host (2020)
2) Sinister (2012)
3) Insidious (2010)
4) The Conjuring (2013)
5) Hereditary (2018)
6) Terrified (2017)
7) It Follows (2014)
8) A Quiet Place Part II (2021)
9) Paranormal Activity (2007)
10) The Conjuring 2 (2016)
11) The Babadook (2014)
12) The Descent (2005)
13) Hush (2016)
14) A Quiet Place (2018)
15) The Ring (2002)
16) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
17) Halloween (1978)
18) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
19) It (2017)
20) The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

Watch the trailer of “Host” below:

What do you think of the no.1 choice? What do you think of the scary movies listed? Let us know!

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