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There are certain childhood memories of summer that stand out. For some of us that might be long days at the beach, playing in pools with friends, running through sprinklers, catching fireflies, camping, or – my personal favorite – reading books up in a tree house for hours.

I personally didn’t have a tree house in my backyard, but I had a friend who did. During summer when we’d have play dates, we’d spend most of our time up in the tree house either playing house, coloring or reading. Those were fun times.

Photo: YouTube/Sanctuary Treehouse Resort

As an adult, I’ve found that the older you get the more you tend to look back on such simpler times with fondness and a sense of nostalgia. So, if you’re nostalgic for the days of spending hours in a tree house, here is something that you can get excited about: the Sanctuary Treehouse Resort in Tennessee.

The Sanctuary Treehouse is located on 40 acres in Sevierville, Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains, and it will soon be the biggest treehouse resort in the whole world. Very soon, they will start taking reservations!

So far, there are going to be three different types of rentals at the resort. There will be the Tree Fort, which can accommodate anywhere between two to six guests, the Tree Fort Double – which is two treehouses connected with a movable drawbridge, and the Luxe. As the name suggests, it will have a king-size gel cooling bed, copper clawfoot bathtub, bamboo jet shower, and outdoor tub.

In addition, some enjoyable features that will be included in the treehouses are aspects like whiskey barrel bathroom sinks, kitchenettes, decks with grills, and wood-burning fireplaces. There will also be more traditional “tree fort” kind of features to enjoy as well, like climbing ropes, bucket pulleys, spiral slides, secret and ladders, There are even drink chutes which can be used to send cans and bottles from the kitchen up top to the porch down below!

Even more impressive is the fact that the treehouses are accessed only by solar-powered golf carts. That means that guests can expect pure peace and quiet when visiting the treehouse resort.

In a recent YouTube video, a preview of the Sanctuary Treehouse Resort features some of the treehouses that are undergoing construction, as well as a view of the location. Check it all out below:

The concept for the treehouse resort was started by Amanda and Brian Jensen, however, their four kids have had a hand in the design and creation of the facility as well!

The resort is close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is consistent in its ranking as one of the most-visited national parks across the US. The Jensens hope that by building their treehouse resort close to the national park, they will be able to bring in nature-lovers who enjoy quiet and eco-friendly accommodations.

The first six treehouses are going to be completed by autumn. However, the final goal is for there to be 130 individual treehouse rentals all over the premise’s 40 acres. For now, the resort’s social media pages have been busy sharing photos and updates and other media for the public to get familiar with all the facets of the treehouses. Exciting, right?

What do you think of the treehouse resort? Would you vacation there? Let us know!