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A San Francisco videographer has given us a unique and rather sobering picture of what it now looks like if you were to visit the bar and restaurant zones in San Francisco. Now that San Francisco is under a shelter in place order due to the coronavirus, things have changed.

According to Laughing Squid, Dan Denegre took the video and shared it. He is a local filmmaker at Space Race Studio. An Instagram post by Denegre says that he shot the film that shows the Wharf, Union Square, Chinatown, Haight Street, and more. The footage is from Sunday, March 22 around 9 AM. Typically, it will be packed with residents, delivery drivers, and tourists.

Photo: YouTube/Space Race Studio

“Driving through San Francisco during the pandemic is jaw-dropping,” Denegre writes. “Thankfully few people are outside (I wasn’t even close to a person), but seeing the shops boarded up is tough to see. I made sure the drone wasn’t a nuisance to anyone while shooting this short documentary of this…very weird time in San Francisco.”

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