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Barbie is a major cultural icon, so it makes sense that there would eventually be a live-action made of Barbie. Honestly, it’s about time.

We’ve had an endless number of different animated Barbie movies released throughout the years, it’s about time that there is a live-action added to the mix. The upcoming live-action movie has a very interesting cast. And so far, here is what we know.

Photo: Raw Pixel

The specific photo that has been circulating the internet is already causing quite a stir. Apparently, the Barbie movie already has found the perfect Ken. As of June 15, the official Ken is none other than actor Ryan Gosling.

The publicity photo was released on the 15th by Warner Brothers and shows Gosling all dressed up to be the famous Ken, Barbie’s beau who is tanned with blond hair.

Check out the viral photo down below:

In it, you can see the 41-year-old Gosling dressed in an open denim vest and jeans while rocking the classic bleach blonde platinum hair. Gosling’s denim jeans that he wears in the film even have the name “Ken” stitched into them.

While Gosling might be starring in the movie as Ken, the real question is who will be the titular Barbie.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Well, as it turns out, Margot Robbie will be stepping into the lead as Barbie. The upcoming movie, which is set to release in theaters in July of 2023, will be directed by Greta Gerwig. Other big names attached to the film are Will Ferrell, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon and Simu Liu.

What do you think of the casting choices? Are you excited for a live-action Barbie movie? Let us know!

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