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When it comes to eating, each culture has something unique that sets them apart from other parts of the world. This includes the way that the royal family eats, and the rules are sometimes very specific. If you happen to eat with the royal family, you may be surprised with some of the standards they follow and that includes the Queen eating hamburgers without a bun.

The chef for the royal family for 15 years, Darren McGrady, opened up with some of his favorite and popular recipes. It was seen on Delish’s series Royal Eats and includes Prince Harry’s cottage pie, the favorite cake of Queen Elizabeth, and more. McGrady also says that the Queen does enjoy a burger on occasion, but there better not be a bun on the table.

“Her Majesty’s Victorian upbringing dictates that the only thing you would pick up and eat with your fingers is afternoon tea,” McGrady told Insider.

Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

In other words, you would be eating your hamburger with a fork and knife. The kitchen staff would often make the burgers by hand from venison that was hunted near the summer vacation home of the royal family. A cranberry stuffing was also typically included in the hamburger patties.

We all know that the royal family has some specific options for eating, but it’s nice to think about them picking up the food and eating with their hands on occasion. Then again, maybe I should try grabbing a fork and knife the next time a burger is on the table in front of me!