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Summer is the season of rosé, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink it any time of year. It’s the perfect beverage for any occasion. Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, it’s time to reconsider our relationship with rosé. Pink wine is a great choice for this occasion, but Target has got something else in store for all the rosé lovers out there! Pregnant? Watching your alcohol consumption? Underage? Target’s got you covered.

Their new cupcakes are wowing us all. dadbodsnacksis the Instagram user that spotted these bad boys out in the wild and we cannot wait to try them out.

Yes Way Rosé is one of the more popular wine brands of the current moment. They recently decided to throw their hat in the cupcake ring and we’re here for it.

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For you fancy people out there, @target has some #rosé cupcakes! These have been on the shelves for a min, but they are a seasonal thing. So they won’t be there forever. And with #valentinesday creeping up. I know these will be hard to keep on shelves. I’m not even a Rosé fan, but I read the description of strawberry peach and citrus and even I think that sounds awesome. Lol. So pick up a pack and share some love with some cupcakes. lol. . . . #rose #yeswayrosé #roseallday #roséallday #popbottles #valentines #sweets #sweettreats #yummy #mmm #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #targetfinds

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You are going to be hard-pressed to eat them for how beautiful they are. The pink icing is a nice touch and we absolutely love the pearls decorating the cupcakes. These cupcakes live up to their name in flavor, not alcohol. So, you can enjoy the Yes Way Rosé taste in cupcake form, without the alcohol!

If you are looking to drink Yes Way Rosé this year, you are simply going to have to buy a bottle. In the meantime, these cupcakes are available to any couple that is currently having a snack attack.

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A rosé in full bloom. #yeswaypeoné (📷: @carolinebellcreative)

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We are sure that they are going to be flying off the racks as quickly as possible. Especially with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, these bad boys may sell out. If you want a bite of this Rosé goodness, make sure to run to Target before Valentine’s Day arrives!

Are you excited to try these cupcakes? Or, do you prefer to stick to the drink?

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