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Technology is always advancing, and nothing shows this better than “The Hive,” a giant warehouse located in the southeastern portion of London. It is run by the Ocado Group, and it is home to all the robots that handle selecting grocery items in order to fulfill customers’ orders.

The robots number well into the thousands, roughly 2,300 strong. They are set up on an X-Y or Z axis and it’s designed so that they can run along the axis and easily pick and pack the groceries in an orderly fashion in order to get them out and onto delivery vans as quickly as possible.

Photo: YouTube/Ocado Technology

As the warehouse has shared in a quote, “We have around 58,000 different types of individual products within the grid. We’ll use the huge amounts of data that we gather to understand what customers are most likely to order and place them in the easiest to reach locations for bots. All of that combined means that we can have stock into the warehouse and out again from our suppliers, into a delivery van, in just five hours.”

Photo: YouTube/Ocado Technology
Photo: YouTube/Ocado Technology

The robots with Ocado Technologies are housed in a large group, and watching them work together is quite incredible.

Check out the footage below of how these robots work in unison:

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