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The Dominator is a robot that was designed and built by Alex Baucom, in collaboration with ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober.

This incredible creation is able to set up a whopping 300 dominoes at a time, which is not something that we would have ever thought possible.

Photo: Pixabay/LoggaWiggler

Now, this robot is taking things to a whole new level. The Dominator is said to have undergone some amazing transitions over the past five years, and Mark Rober released videos of the various prototypes for it on his YouTube channel.

Can you believe that this much time and effort was put into this? We cannot possibly begin to fathom the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this project.

The Dominator is so good that the Domino Queen herself, Lily Hevesh, could not even manage to keep up with it. Rober put her up to a challenge to see who could lay out 300 dominos the quickest, and it might come as little surprise that the robot won. While Hevesh is quick, she can’t do 300 at once (which is exactly what the Dominator can do).

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

The developers have since found a new task for this robot to complete and it is one that you won’t be able to believe. Just wait until you see what this robot has managed to accomplish.

The Dominator was able to craft a Super Mario Brothers mural within 24 hours. This may seem relatively normal until you find out just how many dominoes were used.

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

All it took was a little over 24 hours for the robot to successfully assemble over 102,000 dominoes in a strategically placed manner.

Watch the incredible feat happen in the video below:

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