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The staff at the Trifecta Grill in Winnetka, Illinois, was in desperate need of some extra staffing over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The manager was especially low on busboys.

Alina Benge, one of the servers on staff, knew exactly how to fix the staffing issue. She called her recently retired dad, who was sitting at home without having much to do but relax.

Alina’s father is Dr. Bill Benge, a retired leading cardiologist. He doesn’t have any formal training as a busboy, but he can install a cardiac stent to stop a heart attack.

The restaurant staff never actually thought Bill would need to put his medical expertise to use during his first shift ever, but the scenario definitely crossed their minds.

“What happens if there’s some medical event, and he just happened to be here on this night? And we were all kind of laughing in jest about it,” said Nicole, one of the bartenders.

Well… that’s exactly what happened within five minutes of Bill donning his white kitchen apron.

Bill had just arrived at the Trifecta Grill when an elderly woman seated at one of his tables faced a life-or-death emergency.

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