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Even if you are the type of person who cleans your kitchen appliances, countertops, floors, and sinks on a regular basis, there is still one task that you may not remember to handle. We try our best to keep the kitchen clean but we have a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to our kitchen cabinets. Let’s face it, this is a common problem that most of us deal with.

So what can we do to put a stop to it? This how-to is here to make sure that your kitchen cabinets always look tip top notch. When we neglect to clean the kitchen cabinets, a subtle residue from our cooking exploits will form on them. Once you finally try to clean them off, you are going to have a heck of a time doing so. If you don’t want the cabinets to look dirty and dull, be sure to read on.

Photo: Pixabay

This hack for removing hard to clean grease is as simple as it gets. While oil and water may not mix too well, there is one mixture that will get the job done: oil and oil! Mineral oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil all work equally well. The grime and grease that has gathered on your cabinets is going to come right off without any difficulty.

Grab a cloth and some of your preferred oil. From there, it is time to wipe down the cabinets. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately as opposed to cleaning with water. If you would like to take your time and handle the process more carefully, test out the oil on an area that is not conspicuous.

For a full video tutorial explaining this method, check out the video below:

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