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If you have poor vision you probably wear either glasses or contacts. For those who wear contacts, getting them out can sometimes be a hassle.

Thanks to TikTok, there is now a video that shows off a super-easy way to take out contact lenses. It’s so easy that we don’t know why no one has thought of it before.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The TikToker, who has the username @lalaleluu, revealed her super simple method which involves lifting up your eyelids at the top and bottom, before looking sideways and blinking.

In the video, Lala states, “You’re not supposed to move your eyes back but to the side, if that makes sense, so you pull up and down, and then you look to the side and then you blink. So you look here and then you blink… that worked so well!… That was the easiest way to take out contacts.”


It was quite surprising to the rest of TikTok as well, and many people were left blown away by the hack. Loads of people commented on how simple it was, with one person writing, “Omg I didn’t know you could take them out like that.”

Someone else said that it was life-changing, and another TikTok user joked that this would become their “new party trick.”

Photo: flickr/AngryJulieMonday

While there was a lot of speculation on how easy the hack seemed, there were some people who actually tested it out for themselves. It seems that the results were favorable as one person shared, “It worked, it took a minute but it worked! This is a lifesaver since I have nails.”

You can watch the clip below:

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