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Love is something that we all want and we want to feel as if we are on the verge of a lifelong connection when we first start a new relationship.

These are natural impulses but they can cause us to make decisions that we will later regret. In many instances, we make the mistake of ignoring glaring red flags because we enjoy the other person’s company so much.

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Apparently, the mere prospect of moving too fast at the beginning of a relationship can be a massive red flag, according to this psychologist.

Daniel Acon claims that the more we know about this secret, the easier it becomes to end our suffering. For those who are still out there searching for that special someone, this is important reading. He believes that anyone who starts asking for the following things is someone that we need to stay away from. Of course, there was also plenty of disagreement from the comment section.

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“The next time you are dating someone and you start to notice that they start to talk about marriage or having kids really fast, you have to be extremely cautious. Because this could be the sign of a narcissist, oftentimes narcissists want to get married to you and have a kid with you really fast because at that point you are trapped. That’s when they really start showing who they really are and by that I mean there is going to be hell to pay,” he explained.

As expected, plenty of people arrived to speak up for themselves and act as if these decisions are made because the person does not want to waste any time.

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We could be talked into both directions but we do notice that the people who are always worried about “wasting time” seem to struggle to find the right person. Maybe they need to be taking this man’s advice? It’s food for thought, that is for sure.

Daniel was quick to fire back at all of the folks who felt triggered by what he had said. “I said it could be a sign. It doesn’t mean everyone’s a narcissist. Relax guys,” he commented.


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