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Japan has gifted the globe with many cool inventions, like heated toilets. But it has also given us lots of delicious foods, including some pretty tasty convenience food. Let’s be honest, how many of us would’ve been able to survive college without the help of instant ramen?

Instant ramen is one of those items that we can be eternally grateful to Japan for inventing. It is so wonderful for many different reasons. It’s cost-effective as well as time-efficient, not to mention it can be upgraded to be something more than just a pot with ready-made noodles in it. How many of us have seen that varying videos that show how to make instant ramen a more “fancy-looking” meal? Personally, instant ramen with an egg got me through many long nights studying in college.

Photo: Unsplash

But now there is something new in terms of ramen trends. Rather than just coming up with creative ways of consuming their ramen, people are choosing to take a dip in their ramen! Forget crazy ramen food trends like ramen burgers, people are now all about getting into an actual tub full of ramen.

This bizarre trend first popped up in Japan, and the reasons for the popularity of this trend are unknown. However, TIME reports that the Yunessan Spa House, located in the southeastern Japanese town of Hakone, was the first to begin offering these types of baths to their customers. They consist of ramen pork broth with noodles.

Photo: Instagram /pleasesendnoods

According to the outlet, the owner of the spa, Ichiro Furuya, has claimed that the bath actually has wonderful health benefits for the skin. As he shared, “Lately people are very concerned about having beautiful skin, and they know the effect of collagen, which is contained in our pork-based broth. At this bath, everybody can have fun and take advantage of the healthy elements of ramen noodles.”

Check out some of the pictures shared to Instagram below:

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Photo: Instagram / myfancyramen
Photo: Instagram / myfancyramen
Photo: Instagram /bishi_bird

Would you ever dip yourself into a ramen bath? Let us know!

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