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Being a personal assistant has a lot of perks, especially if you are helping someone with a high-powered position. At times, you may even feel as if you are working for royalty. But, now is your opportunity to do it literally.

Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a personal assistant to take a position for the Private Secretary’s Office at Buckingham Palace, according to Observer. The new employee will not likely have to do much menial work because it is an administrative position. That being said, you will still be playing a huge role in what takes place in the royal business from day-to-day. Travel is required since it is based out of London, and you may even need to visit other royal residences.

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If you are wanting to try for this position, or if you just think it would be nice to work in a palace, this job may not necessarily be for you. The Queen is very specific about the requirements for the job, including looking for a “highly experienced [personal assistant] used to supporting board-level individuals.” On the other hand, if that is your forte, this may be the opportunity to make the next year the best year of your life.

The job requires you to work weekdays for a total of 37.5 hours per week. The salary is approximately $47,000 every year. Although the application process ended a few days ago, you may just want to beg and plead if you feel this is the right job for you.

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